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State of Mexico: bill upon bill

Milenio 05/17/17
Héctor Aguilar Camín

The major news item of the current elections is that Elba Esther Gordillo, former leader of the teachers’ union, imprisoned by Enrique Peña Nieto’s government, has openly declared her political allegiance to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to defeat Peña Nieto and the PRI in the upcoming elections in the State of Mexico—a mirror and forecast for many of what will happen in the 2018 presidential race.

It is unclear how much of her union power Gordillo still holds in the State of Mexico. Possibly little, as the leadership of Juan Diaz, who followed, has had the double benefit of the political profession and a view for the future.

Juan Diaz’s SNTE (teachers’ union) has embraced the commitment of the education reform, without confusing the union’s immediate interests with its long-term interests, which are for the future of Mexican education and its improvement.

However, Gordillo has reappeared at a particularly favorable time to weigh in the balance and to collect her accounts due from the government that imprisoned her.

She does so with undoubted strength and casting her whole lot in the balance. Her lot, at this time, includes former SNTE Secretary Rafael Ochoa and son-in-law Fernando Gonzalez, former Minister of Education, who have shown their support for Morena’s candidate for governor, Delfina Gomez, also a teacher and former union leader. What a family quarrel.

Ochoa said in the Sunday rally for Delfina:

“In the State of Mexico, always governed by the same party, and what’s even worse, by the same family, we can’t allow this to continue. We can’t allow another Peña, another Eruviel, now under the guize of Del Mazo, to keep us hostage while they continue to ransack the future of our people.”

The experts say that the PRI’s advantage in the State of Mexico, what will finally earn it the victory, is the so-called “electoral operation”:  transporting voters, surveying the booths, land domination, etcetera.

These same experts know that none do this as well as the masters. The rift within the SNTE is a bad sign for the PRI in this year’s elections in the State of Mexico, and in the purely Mexican elections of next year.


Text translated by the Instituto VIF from the original published by Milenio.
Link: http://www.milenio.com/firmas/hector_aguilar_camin_dia-con-dia/edomex-fractura-amlo-alianza-esther_gordillo-elecciones-juan_diaz-snte_18_958284211.html